There are a lot of things you must take care of when running a business. That being said, inventory is one of them and you have to stay on top of it. Many people owning a restaurant don’t put as much attention on their inventory as they should. This leads to shortages and soon your whole place while turn chaotic. You must understand inventory and have a great management system down. Here are some of the best ways to manage your restaurants inventory.


You should never take deliveries of inventory until you have checked your own stock. You want to make sure that your inventory is up to date before you order to much. This can lead to items sitting on the shelf way too long and costing you more money than expected. Don’t just have staff take in constant deliveries without informing you of what is going on. Inventory management for your restaurant is one of the upmost important things your can do.


Every one of your staff needs to be on top of the inventory routine. No one should be left out in the dark and not know what is going on. Share the inventory routine with your entire staff and continue to keep them updated as to what is going on. This helps your restaurant runs smoothly and doesn’t cause any headaches. They can prepare for new delivers and get the new product in and sort everything out so there is no shortages. They also need to understand all procedures and get a good grip on what to expect. Assign at least two people to this task and make sure they stick with it. Further, don’t exchange these people out and bring in new staff to look over the inventory in the next few days. It is critical your remain with the same people looking over and being responsible for the inventory. This is very beneficial because inventory management for your restaurant helps organization.

POS software

If you have the point of sale software, then by all means use it to take your inventory. This is what this software is supposed to do among other things. It is exceptional in telling you when inventory is getting low and when you must up date your new stock. Train management effectively to use this software to its best ability.


You should always be recording all of the waste as well for your inventory. Further, don’t forget to find out why its waste in the first place. You can probably find this out through all records of your sales, but it is good to have known about it. Waste can add up to money that is going down the drain. All losses have some kind of dollar amount to it and you need to record it.

Managing your restaurant inventory shouldn’t be difficult. There are several things you need to look at to keep on the ball with it. Use your POS software to your advantage and track all inventory. Make sure all staff is on the same page when it come to the restaurant’s inventory routine. Waste needs to be looked after because losses are costing you money. Make the effort to find out why you are also experiencing losses as well.


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