BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is considered as one of best ways for feeding your baby. Moreover, it has also been proved that breast milk is healthiest for baby as compared to all the other infant foods. There are many people who use other products as compared to the breast milk; however, it is also important to keep in mind that there are a numerous benefits of breastfeeding and therefore it is always advice by the health experts to feed infants with breast milk. Here are the top ten benefits of breast feeding –


1.       Enhancing the IQ of baby

Breastfeeding is also considered as the best way to increase the intelligent quotient of your baby. The average increase in this case has been observed up to seven points.

2.       Helps mother to lose baby fat

There are certain types of fat which go in the fats in the body of mother during pregnancy. Therefore, the breastfeeding tap into those places where this baby fat is stored and helps in reducing the fat in our body.

3.       Prevention from SIDS

The babies who are breastfed are considered to be less prone to the diseases such as SIDS. Since, we are not aware of the factors which causes SIDS, therefore it is better to breastfeed your baby in order to avoid this harmful complication in your baby.

4.       Reduction in allergies

Breastfeeding your babies cause your baby to have the baby less allergies. There are many reasons behind the allergies of the baby; however if baby is taking regular breast milk, then it basically enhances the immune system of baby. It is also important to keep in mind that breastfeeding is specific for every child.

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5.       Enhances the immune system

The best way to enhance the immune system of your baby is by breastfeeding. Breast milk includes various important components which are very helpful in building the baby’s immune system.

6.       Breastfeeding protects child from obesity

It has been observed that babies who are breastfed are better in eating till their hunger is satisfied. This further leads to healthier eating patterns when they grow. It was found that

7.       Other food products enhances the risk of diabetes

One of the biggest disadvantages of the food products which are given to the infants is that they can develop diabetes in babies. It has been observed that the babies who were given the other foods in the early stage are most prone to develop the complication of diabetes.

8.       Post birth benefits

With the help of breast feeding our body basically releases the hormones which are very helpful in uterus contraction and oxytocin. This is considered as very helpful in the postpartum hemorrhage as well as the requirement of the other medications.

9.       Prevention from cancer

The risk of breast cancer is increased if you are not breastfeeding your child. Breastfeeding can be helpful in lowering incidence of breast cancer.

10.   Prevents mothers obesity

The breastfeeding not only makes your baby healthy but also prevents you from getting obese.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider breastfeeding.

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