Coconut Water

Coconut WaterCoconuts are highly famous as the fruits of the coconut palms. The clear liquid that is present inside these young coconuts is what is referred as the coconut water. Coconut water is a drink highly famous and loved amongst the people of the tropic regions especially India. In India Coconuts grow in the southern regions.

Many people take a liking towards the taste of coconut water and its ability to refresh the mind and the soul. However, it is very interesting to learn that the benefits hidden in this pleasant taste of coconut water are numerous and vital.


The best part about consumption of coconut water lies in the fact that there are only numerous gains that a person can attain without any single sort of side effect on health until unless one has severe nut allergies. So here we take a look at the top 10 benefits that can be procured from coconut water.

Helps Combat Diarrhea

Coconut water is rich in amino acids, enzymes, dietary fibre, Vitamin C and various vital minerals like potassium manganese etc. Coconut water essentially helps in maintaining the body fluids during dehydration. Hence its consumption is very effective to combat Diarrhea.

Property Of The Universal Donor

Coconut water being identical to human blood plasma is often called as the “Universal Donor”. In ancient war times the coconut water was highly used in emergency plasma transfusions.

Tames Metabolism

Coconut water being a natural electrolyte and an isotonic beverage helps to significantly increase the body’s metabolism and hence eliminating related problems in the human body.

Helps Cut Down Weight

Coconut water is really low on fats and also keeps a person feeling full after its     consumption. Hence the coconut water plays a significant role reducing food cravings which in long run would facilitate weight losses.

Curbs The Blood Pressure

Coconut water being enriched by potassium helps to avert hypertensions and strokes. Low potassium levels have always been a prominent reason of  high blood pressures hence by providing potassium to the body in vital amounts coconut water helps to eliminate the risk of high blood pressures by regulating the blood pressure.

Anti Viral And Anti Bacterial Properties

Coconut water is enriched with anti viral and anti bacterial properties which help fight a situation of flu or herpes due to attack by a viral on the body. Also coconut water is helpful in combating bacterial attacks.

Energy Boost Up

Coconut water is abundant in vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients which make it a very effective natural energy drink with no side effects. It has much lower sugar and sodium contents as compared to the artificial sports drinks which make it a better choice for purposes of rehydration, replenishment and to boost up energy levels after workouts.

Best For Skin

The cytokinins and lauric acid contained in coconut water minimizes the aging of skin cells, balances the PH levels and keeps the connective tissues strong and hydrated. Applying coconut water on affected skin areas every night before going to bed helps to reduce acne, wrinkles, stretch marks etc. The effectiveness of the coconut water is visible only after 2-3 weeks of regular use as it gives you a clear skin.

Reduces The Vulnerability Of Kidney Stones

Due to minerals such as potassium and magnesium present in coconut water the consumption of it effectively reduces the risk of development of stones in the kidney.

Prevents Hair Loss

By increasing the circulation of blood in the scalp coconut water prevents hair losses.





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