pineapplePineapple is one of the popular fruits among all the age groups. In addition to this, it is also considered as very helpful in curing various diseases. This fruit is also equipped with various vitamins, enzymes as well as minerals. Here are top benefits which you can get from Pineapple –



Pineapple is mainly recommended for the people who are facing digestion problems. Additionally, it also ensures neutralization of acids. The brome lain which is present in Pineapple is also helpful in the breakdown of proteins.

Bromelain benefits

The pineapple is also equipped with enzymes which are helpful in eradication of cough and cold. The fibrin which is present in pineapple is very helpful in breakdown of simple form of enzymes. Moreover, the pineapple juice is also recommended for the individuals who face breathing problems and arthritis pain.

Bone strengthening

The pineapple is considered as best fruit for strengthening of bones. In addition to this it also beneficial for our immune system since it contains seventy three percent of manganese which is very helpful in healing wounds.


The Pineapple is also an excellent resource of vitamin A as well as beta carotene which is helpful in improving eyesight. It is also helpful in eliminating the risks of vision loss.


It is also very get in getting relief from arthritis pain and main reason behind this is its anti inflammatory nature. It is also considered to be very effective for muscle pain.

Nutritional value

The pineapple is also a good source of vitamins as well as minerals. A cup of pineapple juice is equipped with phosphorus, manganese, potassium and calcium. The pineapple is also considered to be low in calories and at the same time it is also nature soluble.

Reduces risk of hypertension

Pineapple is also considered to be very helpful in reduction of the risk of hypertension since it contains adequate amounts of potassium as well as sodium which are the main constituents which are needed to cure hypertension. So, it is highly recommended to the people who are facing this complication.

Keeps you gums as well as your teeth healthy

Pineapple is also a good source of vitamin C which is best for the people who are suffering from tooth pain since vitamin C is essential vitamin needed for keeping your gums healthy.

Good for heart

Pineapple is also recommended for the people who are facing heart complications since it is equipped with bromelain which actually makes our blood thinner which further reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke as well as other diseases.

Release toxins

The toxins which are present in our body are also considered as main reason behind many health complications as well as skin problems. You can eliminate these toxins if you are eating Pineapple regularly.

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