sexIt is obvious that people like sex as it can be quite adventurous and makes you feel more close to your partner. Generally, a healthy sex is defined as ‘doing it’ a couple of times in a week willing and of course in good form. However, most of the people are not aware of the benefits of sex. Therefore, if you are the individual who puts sex on the bottom of “to do” list then you might re consider due to following reasons –

Relieves stress

It has been observed that the sex is very helpful in relieving the stress which further helps you in avoiding all the stress related health complications such as blood pressure problems. According to a survey done on various people it was found that the people who had sex responded much better to handle the stress in their daily life.

Boosts immunity

Having sex at least once in a week can be very helpful in building the immunity of your body which can protect you from various problems such as cold or other infections. Sex basically produces the higher levels of antibodies in our bodies which help us in fighting various health complications.

Improves cardiovascular health

Sex also has heart related benefits especially for men. The men who engage themselves two or more than two times in sex per week have reduced chances of heart attacks and other heart related problems.

Promotes good sleep

After sex it has been observed that most of the people fall asleep very quickly. The main reason behind this is the chemical known as oxytocin which is released during orgasm.

It burn calories

It has been observed that thirty minutes of sex can burn approximately eighty five calories or more. It might not sound too much however can be effective such as for forty two half hour sessions it will be 3570 calories.

Builds confidence of an individual

According to a research it has been proved that the individuals who have sex once in a week have improved confidence levels as compared to others. Moreover, it is also helpful to get a better self esteem.

It is also a natural pain killer

The oxytocin which is produced during sex is also considered as very helpful in reliving from pain and is an excellent pain killer especially for headache.

It strengthen your bond

The oxytocin is also called as Love hormone since it helps in building trust as well as bond with your partner. This hormone is also linked with feeling of generosity.

Lowers the cancer risk

It might be surprising but sex is also helpful in getting rid of cancer. It can help you to avoid prostate cancer.

Sex produces more sperm

According to various studies it has also been found that the individuals who had the frequent intercourse were able to produce the high volume of semen, higher sperm count and a healthier sperm as compared to others.

These are some of the benefits which you can get from sex. In addition to these, sex is also very helpful in losing weight.

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