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swimmingSwimming is one such exercise which is not only mild for our body parts but is also the best recreational activities. This is one of the reasons behind the increasing craze for this sport. This is not the only reason why one should opt swimming as a daily exercises rather there are many reasons which are unknown to people. So here are the top ten benefits of swimming as stated below:

Helps in controlling Blood Pressure

Swimming provides strength to the muscles in the heart thereby increasing capacity of your heart to pump blood. Also it benefits the circulation of blood in our body thus maintain a constant blood pressure.

Gives less strain to the joints

Better than the aerobic exercises, swimming provides less strain to our joints and therefore patients and even women expecting a baby can go for swimming as a daily exercise.

Helps in toning muscles

There is more resistance provided by swimming then by other sports therefore swimming provides effective toning to our body muscles giving them a proper strength.  Toning of muscles reduces the bulkiness of body parts and provides them with proper shape.

Benefit of flexibility

Gym exercises focus on one body part at one time, thus making the body parts stiff, but in swimming the case is different. While performing different arcs in swimming, the whole body is in movement while it helps in rendering the body flexibility.

Efficient weight controller

For those who suffer from excess weight issues, swimming is the perfect exercise.  The constant movement of body parts helps burn maximum calories and is therefore a great weight controller.

Provides improvement in good cholesterol

Swimming increases the good cholesterol in our body and lowers the bad cholesterol of the body. This cholesterol level helps in maintains our body health and metabolism.

Lower risk of diabetes

In the last few years’ diabetes has even increased in the youth of the world.  Swimming controls the glycemic level in the body thereby reducing the increasing risk of diabetes

Acts as stress releaser

Swimming releases hormones in our body which make us feel good and refreshing. These hormones greatly release stress and thus swimming proves to be a great stress buster. It bring our body in a state of high spirits and low tensions.

Perfect exercise for post surgery patients

Swimming serves as the best exercise for the patients who have just gone through a surgery. These patients cannot bear the weight of harsh exercises and are advised to go to the pool at least once in a week by many doctors.

Reduces risk of asthma

The volume of our lungs does increase a lot when we swim. This reduction in volume reduces the possible symptoms of asthma as the air is moist in a pool rather than the air of gym which is much dry. Regularity in swimming is a great teacher to the lungs as various s breathing mechanisms are taught by the sport.






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