walkWalking is considered as best form of exercise however there are also many people who are not able to take advantage of this exercise due to their hectic schedule. Here are some important reasons why you should go for a walk every day.


Great exercise

If you walk at a steady pace every day for at least thirty to forty five minutes, then you can easily see a change in your weight in only next six weeks. However, it is also important that it should be accompanies with a balanced diet. Therefore, it is an excellent exercise for people who are facing the problem of obesity. The speed which you should maintain in walking exercise is 6 Km per hour.

Good for heart

This exercise is also considered as very beneficial for the people facing heart problems since it improves the blood circulation as well as cardiovascular functions.

Increases stamina

Walking daily at a certain speed is also very helpful in improving endurance as well as muscle strength of our body.

Helpful in promoting the mental health

Walking is considered as the best way to get relief from your stress and if you are able to move through outdoors then there is nothing best you can do to for reliving your stress. The combination of exercise and fresh air can boost up your mood very easily and quickly.

Good for bones

Walking also plays a significant role in strengthening the bones of an individual. If you walk for at least thirty minutes every day then you can easily increase the bone density of your legs and lower the bone loss in legs.

Prevention from type 2 diabetes

It is also considered as the excellent solution for the people who are having the complication of type 2 diabetes.

Reduces the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer

The studies have shown that regular walking can reduce the risk of colon cancer or breast cancer among the people.

More safe than running

A large number of health experts believe that the walking is actually better than running. It is considered as more beneficial for your knees as well as joints. It is also safer than running. Moreover, while you are planning for any exercise it is an excellent way to warm up your body.

Anybody can do it

This exercise can don by any individual. If you are not fit enough to go for harder exercise, then you can try this simplest one with wide range of benefits. When an individual is completely out of shape, then he or she is supposed to walk every day for at least twenty minutes at a certain speed. After that you are supposed to increase it gradually.

It is free

Unlike the other forms of exercise, walking is available to you at zero cost. All you need is a good pair of shoes. You can walk in park, in treadmill, in long corridor or anywhere you like as it doesn’t matter. You will not need an expensive equipment or partner to perform this exercise.



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