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Thinking of buying a laptop..? Well it is really not that easy with all those shady computer makers. A purchase of Laptop comprises of a huge chunk of money, and it is not easy if you don’t know what to look for.

Most of the laptops/ computer makers get out of business before their products become up to date. So here is a list of the top ten laptops to help you choose from.

10. ACER

It’s one of the best pocket friendly choices one can make. This Taiwanese company since 90’s has focused on building grand computers which can be affordable too. Within this brand comes a wide variety to choose from. Acer builds inexpensive netbooks as well as high gaming machines. Not to mention all in an affordable price.



Asus is usually refereed name of the yet another Taiwanese company Asus tek. This name is not new in the world of computer and has been providing with wide variety in laptops which are reliable and affordable too. No matter which type of computer/laptop you are looking for whether for a business purpose or for gaming purpose you will surely find something that will float with your will.



With its cow-themed boxes Gateway has become a popular brand for laptop buyers. Gateway provides great hardware and its tech support is very good too, you can trust this brand for the value of your money. This brand also provide customization services where you can make your decide for your laptop looks.



This American company has been taking the heat for a long time but it still manages to make its place in the top 10 brands. So if you are not a very laptop savvy person do not worry because this company provides world class customer support services and Dell support claims to provide troubleshooting any problem their users faces. Dell computers has also acquired the gaming giant Alienware in 2006 which was loved by gamers since its debut. This has provided the upper hand to Dell to configure powerful laptops within affordable price point.

6. H.P


This Company is another major player in the market. Hewlett Packard is a company based in U.S and the do make sure that there is a compute/ laptopr for every need or purpose that can arise under the sky. This has added to the variety of products in the company’s kitty. The company provides for the configuration of laptops according to the needs of the user without adding any extra costs; but if you buy directly from the company.



Samsung is a well established Korean giant in the world of stereos, televisions and many other home appliances but now is also one of the major runner in the race of laptops manufacturing too which is overlooked by many. This company build quality laptops with crystal clear displays due to the companies experience in television industry but the laptops also has a lot of power in them. Samsung could be your buddy if you are on an errand to multimedia, and watch movies, t.v, or any other multimedia.



This Japanese company has joined the laptop market recently but is climbing up fast. Though it is fairly new with its prior experience in home electronics this company has not been the laptop for long when compared to the other major players; but has been able to be the best laptop in the multimedia. The company has also launched the satellite line laptops which are very powerful and highly rated in the market. This company laptops gets a bit high on the price but it does provides value to money.



This Chinese company is well known for its phone, tablets and the Thinkpad line of laptops recently.  These laptops are more professional and are ended of good material and have proved to perform at par with many other expensive notebooks. The recent announcement of by Lenovo about its new product line which comprises of both laptop/tablet, which is a hybrid has spur talks and turning heads. This new product line would be portable, convenient and can be used as a regular laptop, and also can be transformed into a tablet by folding the display with the touch screen.



This giant from Japan is present with electronics in almost all fields, and their laptops do not stand out of the best. The company has manufactured VAIO, one of the most stylist and functional laptops of the generation and has always been able to create buzz in the market. The notebooks from this company are one of the best line available in the market. Also the VAIO club access to the buyers and on to the benefits, in this online community the owners can discuss a lot of VIAO related topics i.e. from resolving issues related to the product to making a purchase.



Commonly known as “Mac “are the most popular. These laptops in spite of their high price are loved by the buyers. These computers operate on a different operating system; varying from the windows based systems and is liked by many people and thus preferred. One of their biggest selling point is that they make compatibility in their devices. Thus when someone buys Apple products they are sure that their I-Pad, I-phone, and Apple T.V. would be compatible with their Macbook.  The support the company delivers is also top notch. Owing Apple is considered to be a luxury.

There are various options available when it comes to buying notebooks. However if you are keen to look it is easy to identify the top players in the industry and thus find that one laptop which will sit perfectly in your line of needs.

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