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SUV CarsSUV cars are basically sports utility cars. SUV cars were once preferred for its tough looks and durability but now SUV is considered as a status symbol. Almost every car brand in the world has at least one or two SUV model cars in the production. SUVs have become highly popular nowadays and with an increasing demand of SUVs the roads are tending to lose the normal cars. The SUV is the new hot trend catching the attention of everyone on the road. It is not only known for its tough looks but also for its luxurious drive and comfortable seating. The sale of these vehicles has reached new heights in the past 5 years. The following is the list of the top 10 best SUV car brands worldwide. The categorization of the SUV is done according to the efficiency, quality and price.



The manufacturer of this SUV the BMW, which is rated as the best SUV car in the world in x5 has 5 doors and is categorized under the category of midsized SUV cars. This car is available in 5 and 6 manual transmission as well as 5 and 6 speed automatic transmission.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is obviously the most demanded and luxury SUV car of all time as is still unbeatable in the present international markets. AUDI Q7 falls into full size cross over SUV classification. It has 5 doors and is available in both petrol and diesel models. It is available in 6 speed automatic transmission and 8 speed start stop automatic transmission mode.

Porshe Cayenne

Pprshe Cayenne stands in third position in the list. It is categorized under midsized crossover SUV with five doors. The SUV is available in both 6 sped manual transmissions as well as 6 speed automatic transmission modes in the international markets.

Mazda CX -9

Mazda CX-9 is in fourth position in the top ten best SUV cars list. The transmission of the car if fully automatic is of six speeds. It is a full size crossover SUV with 5 doors. This full size cross over sports utility vehicle is available in all wheel drive configuration.

Land Rover Discover

Land Rover Dicovery is a magnificent SUV car which is in the fifth spot on the list. It is a midsized SUV which is loved throughout the world for its attractive look and its huge body. It is majorly for off road expeditions. It is present in both 4 speed automatic transmissions and 5 speed manual transmissions.

Mercedes Benz GLK

Mercedes Benz GLK is marvelous with its 7 speed automatic transmission mode. It is a five door crossover with compact luxury. It is currently in number sixth position in our top ten best SUV cars list.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is the best selling SUV cars of the Toyota brand. It is a midsized crossover SUV with five doors. This SUV car is manufactured in both automatic and manual transmissions.

 Toyoto Landcruiser Prado

Toyoto Landcruiser Prado takes eighth position in our list. This SUV car is the most modified car in the market matching the demands and the needs of the customer and the demands of the market. It is a midsized SUV with both manual and automatic transmission modes.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is one of the most successful cars in the market and is the most demanded car. It is a compact crossover with 4 doors.


BMW X-1 is known for its stunning beauty and is one of the most luxurious cars available. It has both the transmissions with 5 doors.

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