With technology making vast strides, life has become all the more comfortable. There are thousands technology companies than across several continents which created employment opportunities with the demand of products form them. Their equipment is world renowned and respected for quality and their heavy price tags. In this list we check out ten biggies of the technology world who have carved a niche for themselves.

10. Amazon.com

amazon-logoAt no. 10 on the list we have the famous Amazon.com. This company has made waves since it was founded in 1994 and has never looked back since. Based in Seattle, this e-commerce website was founded by Jeff Bezos who is also the current Chairman and CEO of the company. Amazon.com has near 70,00 employees under its roof and manages a neat 48.07 billion UD dollars every year. Needless to say, the company is a huge success and has a loyal customer base.

9. Cisco

cisco-logoSince its inception in 1984, Cisco Systems Inc. has managed to create a name for itself. One of the best companies that mainly deals with detailed design and production of networking equipment, Cisco has66,639 employees working for them. The HQ of the company is in San Jose, California. This company was the idea of two people of the names Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack. The annual turnover of Cisco Systems touches 46 billion US dollars easily.

8. Qualcomm

Qualcomm-logoQualcomm is a technology giant that mainly manufactures semi-conductor products used in wireless communication. The company was founded in the 1985 with its head quarters located in San Diego, California. Started by Andrew Viterbi and Irwin Jacobs, this company does a lot of business throughout the year – 19.2 million US dollars to be precise. Currently there are 21,200 employees under the Qualcomm banner.business of 19.12 million US dollars. In total there are 21,200 employees working for Qualcomm Incorporated.

7. Samsung

samsung-logoRanked at number 7, we have the Samsung Group; a company known for leading the rat race with its technology business all over the world. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung is being lead by MR. Lee Kun Hee who is also their CEO. These giants of technology deal with several dozens of items  and are without a doubt one of the very best. With the coming of this company in early 1938, the struggle has always been to get to the top. Samsung has over 369,000 employees working under them in all parts of the world. They do annual business of 247.5 billion US dollars without fail.

6. Intel

intel-logoIntel Corp is no.6 on this list. Started by two people names Robert Noyce and Gordon Morre in 1968,Intel Corporation has been a world leader in manufacturing high quality semiconductor chips. Many Gen x computers are powered by the Intel Corporation. The head-quarters is located in Santa Clara, United States. The company is headed by their chairman, Andy Bryant. As of now, the work force of Intel has over 100,000 employees and still continues to go strong. Each year, this company manages to do an astounding 54 billion US dollars business.

5. Oracle

oracle-logoThe Oracle Corporation which spear heads the hardware making aspects as well the software development aspects for computers is ranked number 5 on our list. Primarily with its focus on database management systems, this company has made a lot of progress since it came into being in 1977. The company was founded by Ed Oates, Larry Ellison and Bob Miner. Oracle is based in California and does a healthy business of 37.1 billion US dollars which is quite frankly a lot more than healthy. Currently the chairman , Jeff Henley heads the company’s workforce of 115,116 employees all over the globe.

4. Google

google-logoA leader in all respects of technology, Google Inc. – a trooper in the internet world, sits pretty high up on our list. Initially what was a small start up under two friends; Larry Page and Sergey Bin; who were students in Stanford University at the time has become a force to reckon with. Located in California, the company manages a revenue of 37.905 billion dollars every year. More than 50,000 employees work constantly to keep the company going and attain more success. A global leader indeed!

3. Microsoft

microsoft-logoMicrosoft Corp. is next on our list; founded by Bill gates in 1975 and his close friend Paul Allen this company took the world by storm with its innovative developments in the software domain. All major software used near and far come up under this banner .Microsoft Corporation under Bill Gates has touched the skies and continues to ride a wave of success The company generates an annual revenue of 73,72 billion US dollars mainly through Google Ad Sense. With its headquarters in Washington, the working employees under Bill Gates are roughly about 95,000 and that number is still steadily increasing by the day.

2. IBM

The International Business Machines Corporation better known as IBM is one tech corp. which deserves a place in our list. IBM was initiated under Charles Ranlet in 1911 in New York. As of today, this company is the pioneer producer of hardware for computers and soft wares as well. It has even stepped into the consulting business too. Mr. Ginni Rometty currently presides over the company whose annual turnover is a staggering 106.91 billion UD dollars. Over 433.362 employees sweat it out from dawn till dusk to keep the company going.

1. Apple

apple-logoA company that we all adore and look up to named Apple Inc. takes up the number one spot on our list. This giant of giants is without a doubt the best technology  company in the world. Dealing with production of computer and other electronic items this company is the world leader for the last two decades. The company was founded initially by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 as Apple Computers and was later renamed to Apple Inc. It main office is situated in California, USA. With more than72,800 employees working the company each year it makes business worth 156.508 billion US dollars.

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