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Tips For WomenDating is one of the most beautiful practices in daily life of an individual. However, there are also many women who are not aware of important dating tips. There are many important points which should be kept in mind when you are planning your next date. Here is the list of top ten dating tips for women –


Don’t lie

One of the most common mistakes which most women do on their date is to try to make them someone else. It is important that you should display yourself the real you. For instance do not lie about your likes or dislikes since your small lie can turn your date off.

Don’t complain about men

Even if your last date did something stupid on your last date and you were really upset, it is not a right time to discuss that topic. Men generally do not like it because they think that you will do the same thing after your current date.

Post your current pictures on the internet

This is an obvious factor for both sexes. Make sure that you should post your current picture on the internet. This also includes your face picture as well as complete picture of your body. If you do not this then, they might think that you are hiding something.

Do not talk about their lifestyle

Even if you hate the life style of men however most of the men do like their lifestyle and the way they live. They generally do not like to be told what changes they have to do in their lifestyle. So, just do not talk about it.

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Do not boast about yourself

Even if you have appreciable achievements it is really rude to boast about it on your date. It is also important that you should be patient and listen to your date that what he wants to say.

Keep your phone off

It is an obvious fact that being busy on your phone can be entertaining for you however, it is also important that you should not be engaged on phone when you are with your date. This can ruin your date entirely.

Do not drink too much on your first date

Drinking too much on your date especially when it is your first date can cause two suspicions in your man’s mind that either you have a drinking problem or he is a bad date.

Look attractive

It is also one of the important factors to keep in mind. Looking attractive does mean that you should wear something which you really like and it should depicts real you.

Be kind

This is especially true when you are dealing with men who are writing you online. Moreover, if all of us were nicer then online dating would be very easy.

Appreciate your man for whatever he is doing

It is no hard fact that everyone loves appreciation. Therefore, in order to attract your date the least you can do is to appreciate whatever arrangements for the date he is doing.

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