disadvantages of internet

It is a quite evident fact that internet has made our life to a great extent. You can do almost anything on the internet from shopping, trading business etc. In addition to this, internet is also considered as one of the biggest sources from where you can get any type of information. However, internet has also put some diverse effects and it is very important that an individual should be aware of these disadvantages. These are as listed below –

Extra expense

In today’s world nothing is free, even hen you think it is. The expenses which you pay for the electricity bills because of the gadgets you use.

Social disconnect

On the internet you can easily get everything and therefore an individual gets isolated from the outside world and isolation is never good. It is possible that may not be able to notice but your love for the internet can make your friends lose you gradually.


In the olden times people used to go outside their house for entertainment however, now they just sit in front of their computer systems and play something on internet. In this way you can gain weight, it also puts effect on your vision.

Personal information

When you shop on the internet, there is always a risk of theft of personal information which can lead to a big loss of time as well as money. You can never be sure fully that your personal information is safe.


It is one of the biggest disadvantages of the internet. Pornography can obviously put a very bad effect on children and the bad part is that it so easily accessible on the internet that sometimes it becomes difficult for the parents to keep check on their kids.

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Spamming is also one of the most irritating aspects of the internet. This can be imagined only by checking your e mail, see how many unwanted e mails are available in your inbox.


Today, students are using this excellent information source for cheating. For instance when they have to write their school paper, they just copy past from the internet. Moreover, during their assessment in school they just browse on the internet for answers.


Today, there are many people who have to rely on the internet. However, no one is unaware of the fact that internet can stop its proper functioning at anytime. It slows down if there is some problem in connection and it just stops.


The addiction of the internet is also one of the serious issues which most of the people face. Everyone thinks that they will stay online on social networking websites for the minimum time however; they end up losing their sleep.


There are many times that one can interpret a different meaning of your words on the internet only because of miscommunication. Therefore, the traditional communication of one on one communication is considered as best.

These are some of the disadvantages of the internet, however if you use internet in a right way then it can be on e of the best ways to achieve your goals of life.

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