SpeciesThe era of modernisation besides astonishing technologies and inventions has also witnessed a degradation of human sentiments. The modern day human is insensitive and thrives by putting others in danger.

The Fauna of the world has been a prominent victim to the never ending human greed and the human’s tendency to thrive at the cost of killing other living organisms. The Fauna of the world in terms of species has witnessed a great tumble as the greedy human continues to kill animals for the recreational and commercial purposes. Also the building of modern cities and suburbs has led to shrinkage in the habitats of numerous species of animals. This culmination of hunting, knocking down of trees, pollution and lack of genetic diversity has completely eliminated some of the animal species from earth and has put many in danger of loss of existence.


Let us have a look at the ten most endangered species of animals across the globe –


It’s the top ranked endangered species in the world. Baji is an aquatic animal and is also famous as the Yangtze River Dolphin. It is a species o dolphins and thrives only in the Yangtze River.The premium threat to them is the dolphin catching by fishermen.

Amur Leopard

It is Native to the North Asia specially Russia. The present count of the Amur Leopard is as low as 40 which is alarming. The reason for their declining  numbers is their large scale poaching for their beautiful and spotted fur.

Javan Rhino

Javan Rhino is the most endangered Rhino species in the world. Recent reports show that there are only 50 individuals left from this species. They are now only found in Vietnam and Indonesia. Their count has tumbled drastically due to a culmination of many reasons.

Siberian Tiger

The Population of Serbian Tiger in the world as of now is only about 500. The Serbian Tigers are expected to be recognised as extinct from the year 2050. Tigers are the favourites amongst poachers and are hence killed in large numbers for their skins and use in ancient Chinese medicines.

Sumatran Rhinoceros

Their current population lies at a small and alarming figure of 300. They are the only Asian rhinos with two horns and also the only rhinos with hair. Poaching on large scale and habitat encroachments by humans have been the reasons behind there falling numbers. However, in recent times their population has witnessed an upsurge.

Cross River Gorilla

The cross river gorilla is the most endangered primate in the world. There are only about 300 cross river gorillas left on earth. Illegal hunting for bushmeat and the growing human population pose a threat to their existence.

Mountain Gorilla

They are the second rarest primates found in the world and the present count of these is as low as 400.

Black Rhinoceros

It forms one of the two prevalent rhino species in Africa. Only a few thousand individuals are now left. Habitat transformations and widespread hunting for the procurement of its horn have led to a fall in its numbers.


It is a species of porpoise that thrives only in the Gulf of California. Only 500-600 individuals are still surviving as a consequence of various reasons.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Its current population is about 1200 and has been on a 50% decline every fifty years since its discovery in the year 1841.


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