JobThere are some very common questions that are asked by most employers. It is clever to review them so that you are mentally prepared and can easily win over with a smart response. Make sure you don’t learn them by heart but deliver it in way that makes you come across as a confident person.

1.       What is your greatest strength?

Be smart and precise. Make sure you are honest but do not come across a over confident person. Mention some specific quality like good time management skill; inter personal skill and customer service skills among others. Always correlate your strengths to both the job role and your work abilities.

2.       What is your greatest weakness?

It is good to be modest and say a weakness such that it does not make you look like an unprofessional. Never mention any skill relevant to the job; it is a good to recount a weak skill that you have improved upon over time.

3.       How do you handle stress and pressure?

Be clever enough to come up with something really different and cool.

4.       Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it?

Whenever you are subjected to such question be smart to deliver it with certain confidence and stands out. Plan stories that describe how you had successfully resolved a complicated situation.

5.       How do you evaluate success?

Make yourself comfortable with the idea of success and answer it with humility yet with a confidence of a leader.

6.       Why are you leaving or have left your job?

It is okay to be diplomatic at times and specially when delivering this question. Don’t get too descriptive or unreasonable and justify well. No matter what the truth is, never bad mouth your previous employer.

7.       Why do you want this job?

Be at your best and point out the best thing that the job will offer you and how you fit the bill perfectly. Share relevant professional experiences you have which will help both you and the organization grow. Mention how the job will add to your professional growth.

8.       Why should we hire you?

Always talk about your high points and how your expertise will be of any difference to the organization or the role you are interviewed for.

9.       What are your goals for the future?

It is intelligent to realistic and far sighted at the same times. Answer with lot of precision and specify where you see yourself in the future. You can also refer to a position in the company you are interviewing with.

10.   Tell me about yourself?

Do not get too personal or emotional when answering this. Act smart and highlights the good points about yourself without sounding any bit of an over confident person. Specify about your professional achievements if any. You can also touch on your Unique Selling Proposition. Put the ball on your interviewer’s court by putting up how they would want to use your unique selling proposition.

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