PregnancySome women experience the signs of pregnancy at a very early stage however; there are also some women who do not see any signs or symptoms. However if you think that you might be pregnant, then it is vestry important that it should be found at early stage. For that it is important that you should be cautious about pregnancy signs and symptoms. Here is the list of top ten signs of pregnancy.


Food cravings

It might be surprising to you however; food cravings can be one of the main symptoms of pregnancy.  Moreover, it is also important to keep in mind that if the cravings are accompanies along with the other symptoms of pregnancy then it might be the time to go for a check up.

Darkening of areolas

If you think that you r skin around your nipples is getting more darker than it is usually and you are sure that it is not because of hormonal imbalance, then it can also be one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding

It is possible that approximately after eight or nine days of ovulation you might experience implantation bleeding or spotting which is slight staining of brown or pink colour. This is basically caused due to the egg burrowing. This is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Frequent urination

Once embryo implants starts producing hormone human chorionic gonaditropin (HCG), you will face the problem of frequent urination. This is also one of the main symptoms of pregnancy.


When the levels of hormone progesterone are increased you will easily get exhausted even after a small amount of work. This type of fatigue is also considered as one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Swollen breast

If you are pregnant, then you will feel your breasts tender to touch as compared to earlier times during periods.

Altered taste sense

You might notice that your senses of taste have also been changes as compared to earlier times when you get pregnant. Some women say that they have metallic taste in mouth while some of them say that they feel the taste of coffee or food they generally like.

Morning sickness

If you are lucky, the morning sickness will not hit you for many weeks, however there are also many women who face this problem in early stage. In addition to this, you can also face other problems such as you might feel nauseated or queasy. And it is not only in the morning but it will also be in night, noon or morning.

Missed period

If you are generally regular however now your period is late, then it is important that you should surely go for a pregnancy check up. The missed period can be the surest sign of pregnancy.

Positive home pregnancy test

If you find your home pregnancy test positive, then it is really the right time to visit your doctor office.

These are some of the symptoms which cannot be overlooked when you are suffering from fear of pregnancy problems.

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