Storage is one of the main concerns for the home interior. A good storage space with yet being modern and functional can change the look of your home as well as provide you with that much-needed storage space to keep your home organized, clutter free and spick and span.

One of the main functional options for storage is cabinets. Nowadays cabinets come in modern contemporary designs and are available in a variety of materials. Thus no longer those heavy old kind of wardrobes which snatch away the spacious parameter of any room the moment they are placed there.

So here’s a collection of some types of cabinets worthy enough to catch your attention and a good guide in decking up your home sweet home.

Wall Storage Cabinets Bedroom

These kind of cabinets are placed across a big wall. A combination of shelves and drawers. This kind is a perfect choice for your bedrooms to store away all your things ranging from clothes to other utility items. These at the same time enhance the looks of your room and score a high on functionality.

Wall Storage Cabinets for Kitchen

Kitchen is that area of the home wherein the lady of the house spend a considerable time thus making it all the more worth it to be classy, efficient and work friendly. Also a huge amount of things need to be there in the kitchen. Ranging from utensils to that expensive crockery and all those cooking ingredients. Therefore investing in a good kitchen storage will never be bad decision. Here come the cabinets for kitchen to the rescue. There are different styles and combinations of drawers and shelves can be done in order of one’s personal choice.

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White Cabinets

 As the saying of nowadays goes that white is the new black has found its way in home interiors as well. White furniture and interiors give you that colonial feel and are classy at the same time. Though due to being white they do require a bit extra maintenance and dusting. But again they are worth the effort. White cabinets make your room look spacious and well-lit. They reflect back light thus diminishing the gloomy effect. However it’s not recommended that white cabinets be used in kitchens as it can do more harm and good rather we suggest you to go with an off white, ivory or cream colors which are again close cousins of white.

Plastic Storage Cabinets for Clothes

On a rise nowadays plastic cabinets for keeping clothes and other personal items is on the rise nowadays. Due to the flexibility they offer and less space occupying design these make an apt choice for make shift arrangements. Available in a variety of colors and a welcome change from the regular brown and dull wardrobes. Light in weight and stylish at the same time. This one is a must to look out for if you are for something light and something which does not requires much maintenance.

Metal Storage Cabinets

These are the ones with highest durability and one of the most safest choice for keeping all the important stuff. All your stuff like important documents, jewellery and other financial documents can be kept stuff in these cabinets which come with the protection of lock and key. There are also styles which come with an inner locker thus adding an extra layer of security. However due to being of metal they may catch rust due to moisture in the environment and may spoil clothes if still used. Also an apt choice for office storage spaces.

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Wood Storage Cabinets

Again a popular item since ages. Wooden cabinets are ever green. No longer are they restricted to being dull browns. You can have wooden cabinets of any color of your choice. They are hard and durable and have a colonial feel to associate with themselves.

Cabinet Shelf

These kind are the new in with a makeover. Can be made into quirky designs and be fitted on the walls itself thus requiring no extra space rather a good way to use the space at walls. A good option for your study and drawing-room to showcase all those awesome show piece to guests. They also facilitate easy accessibility

So above was a collection of some modern cabinets which may help you to organize your home well and store away all your things neatly. We hoped you liked  it!!

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