Heavy Duty Covers

You must ensure that your car is completely dry before fitting this cover it is only designed to be used outdoors. Please do not use it indoors. Heavy duty waterproof car covers are perfect for you if you leave your car parked outside for any length of time. We recommend you do not use this type of cover indoors and you should also ensure that your vehicle is dry before you fit it. You can be assured of ultimate protection that simply cannot be beaten. As the name suggests heavy duty waterproof car covers are completely waterproof outdoor covers in every possible way, they will keep your car safe and sound from the harmful effects of the wind and the rain and short of actually parking your vehicle in a garage there is no other way to provide as much weather proofing.

Although our heavy duty waterproof car covers are very tough and durable they also feature soft cotton lining that is attached to the cover itself. This ensures that your car will not be scratched or marked by the cover at all and the finish of your vehicle i.e. paintwork is completely protected and preserved. Most heavy duty covers comes with a vent fixed into the design. This allows some air to circulate underneath the cover itself letting the space breathe. For maximum durability the seams are welded together, for added strength and make it almost impossible to rip, tear or damage when fitting it to your car.

They are reasonably easy to fit, and with clips and straps you can attach the cover to your car making it easier to cover your car, even in windy conditions. Make sure this type of cover is stowed in a bag when not in use, to extend the life of your cover.

Waterproof (Lightweight Breathable) covers

Lightweight breathable car covers have proven themselves to be exceptionally popular amongst car owners, owners due to the unique blend of protection and versatility that each and every cover offers. They are durable, lightweight, waterproof and breathable. You can fit these covers to wet cars as the cover is breathable and will allow any moisture on your car to evaporate away.

As well as being waterproof they will protect your car from frost, snow, tree sap, bird mess and general knocks and scrapes along with dust and grime. They also offer UV protection ensuring that your paint will not fade and the waxed finish on your car will last a lot longer. They will also deter thieves and vandals from stealing and wrecking your vehicle.

Not only suitable for outdoor use, these covers can be used indoors as well. With straps and cable, it can be attached quickly and fitted easily and quickly to your car.

Waterproof Half Car Covers

These are very popular with owners of soft top vehicles. The fabrics used on these tend to perish with age and eventually there will be a tendency to leak. So, why not get a waterproof half cover for your vehicle. No more wet seats on the drive to work in the morning.  No more failing electrics… No more de-icing the car either when there’s a frost, snow or ice. In the hotter months they are ideal for keeping the UV rays from fading the interior of your car and also for preventing your vehicle heating up too much in the hot sun’s rays.

Soft Indoor Covers

These are designed just for interior use. Not outside.  Designed purely to stop dust settling on your car and to stop accidental scrapes and scratches. They are also very useful for stopping the harmful effects of moisture from getting to your vehicle and causing rust.

Disposable Car Covers

Usually sold in multi-packs for a variety of vehicles, these are great for building contractors, painters. They can also be used for patio furniture, and shrubbery when painting or power washing the patio. It’s a cheap solution to a costly problem.

Where to Look for Great Outdoor Car Covers

As a car owner, you need to safeguard your car from every potential problem and one of the things that you can do is obtain a car cover. Generally, the cover protects your vehicle from certain elements such as dust and dirt, and will certainly keep it from getting scratches and other marks. It can serve you well even if your car is parked inside the garage or even out your backyard. You can find several types of car covers available that may include the indoor and outdoor kinds.

Preserving Your Outdoor Car Covers

Suppose you have a newly bought car so it makes sense to have it covered and protected as much as possible. Clearly, the use of car covers is valuable at this point. The covers don’t only protect against dust, dirt or scratches as they can secure the car from problems associated with the weather and other environmental conditions. There are many kinds of car covers that you can buy and conducting a bit of research to find the best ones out there is essential. You can find covers made of cotton fabrics, microfiber materials and those designed to protect.


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