Social media multiplies your voice tenfold; it enables people to communicate and interact. Facebook and Twitter provide the opportunities to allow messages to reach a huge audience. However, the total impact can be low also. You need to have an engaged following, consistently create interesting information, and find a way to stand out in a crowded sea of posts and information.

Social media in an enabler that allows people to communicate. The advantage of social media is its accessibility. You need a communication strategy and a purpose or you won’t be heard. Several tips used by those who are “expert” in the art of social media give several tips and tricks for getting your voice heard.


  • phoenix_arizona_social_media_as_facebook_twitter_raise_your_voiceDirect your thoughts by alerting followers of a short, specific idea you may have. Using the DMC Facebook wall is a simple method to send your opinions or ideas to many readers.Use Twitter and its trendy # mark to pass along your opinions and ideas. Remember that you have to be simple and to the point. You only have 140 character on Twitter to get your voice “out there.”
  • Inform your friends and followers your ideas. Engage in conversations, ask questions and find out what other people are thinking. Write posts that attract readers and keep writing until you have a consensus.
  • Engage on your social media pages. The more engagement you have on social media pages, the better your results will be in getting your voice heard. Think of ways to engage people. Ask questions, request opinions, and get your contacts talking to you. Let them help you spread your message.
  • Monitor keywords and phrase on social media sites. Step in when you think you can help get your message out further. Respond every single time to comments. Find new information. If you are running a campaign to complain about a company, politician or world problems, don’t hesitate to research and post your findings.
  • Social media is a marathon job. It is not a sprint. To get your voice heard you must be committed posting and constantly working to build and maintain your voice. Posting in a limited manner does not get your voice out there.

Social media is dynamic. Give your thoughts and opinions personality. Giving opinions is critical to your social media goals. Come across professionally, passionately, and give examples of the areas you have concerns.


Social media is communication; everyone is doing it. Community communication is everything. Social media is a unique platform to form a group. Community strength is a very powerful concept for getting your voice out there to the masses. Social media is an amazing way to let others know about global affairs, country concepts, and what is happening in your world. If you have opinions, now is the time to get onboard with social media. You can be heard if you are persistent.

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