My turn to write an article on the blog. I hope you find yourself among these new authors . Remember, this is a test I am doing so whether the multi-author blog for me and if it is beneficial for improving traffic and the quality of the blog. The results in late March. Meanwhile, you can give me your opinion

Today, an article that complements that of my new colleague, Valerie, ”  Tools web marketing: blogs to follow closely!  “. Indeed, reading his article, other blogs of my colleagues came to mind. I wanted to leave a comment at the beginning, but I told myself that it was not the best solution to share my heart with you strokes. So, I decided to complete the list of Valerie with this article by adding other web marketing blogs, SEO and web copywriting.

This list is not exhaustive, that is why I invite you to leave me your comments on your favorite blogs along with a short description, to discover other pearls.

SEO blogs that deserve your attention


  • Abundance : Okay, okay, Valerie had already appointed. But I could not start this list without mentioning the blog of Olivier Andrieu . The “baby” of SEO,SEO deals with the news and gives lots of info on his blog. For the day job, it is essential to follow. I know you’re aware, but I’m a fan of Olivier. Personally I have met 2 times during Seo Campus in Paris and once in Angers, when webcam Day . Each time it is a huge pleasure for me. Olivier is very nice, humble and knows how to put his interlocutors at ease. Plus, you know, Olivier is our preface to the book “Web SEO Techniques  “!
  • Axe-Net  : This is the blog of Sylvain Richard , passionate about the web since 1998. He is now a consultant and SEO is the head of the agency that bears the name of AxeNet. Why the name of AxeNet? I do not know, you must ask him. I just know that if the name starts with an A is because, from what I understand, at the time it was easier to reference a website starting with the first letter of the alphabet ( hence also Abundance), Beyond the Hype.Sylvain deals on the blog SEO topics and each time he brings his vision and expertise. The articles are always thorough, clear explanations and still raise some interesting points. For the anecdote, Sylvain is among the first who welcomed me to a guest when I had just started my adventure blogging. Do You want to read the article out of curiosity? … For here: Google Writing – Drafting rules for the web
  • SeoMix : This is the blog of Daniel Roch . Another colleague that I love and I respect for his work and involvement in the SEO community. Daniel is a happy dad, me and Nantes as passionate about Spain! On the blog SeoMix, Daniel writes articles SEO, web marketing, but especially WordPress. Why ? Because Daniel has specialized in this CMS, and almost always deals with SEO but for WordPress. His advice is precious and perfect tricks to improve SEO. In addition to his blog, you can discover its expertise through the book he released by Eyrolles ”  Optimizing WordPress SEO  ” …
  • Internet Training Blog : Blog Mathieu Chartier , a former archeologist fell in SEO. My dear Mathieu, because since we met we have built a great relationship. He is always there for me to listen and advise me on aspects SEO, it’s nice to have someone well (thank you very much).You know, we wrote to both the book ”  Web SEO Techniques  ” released by Eyrolles and we are very happy with the result. Out of curiosity, did you read? Mathieu is very talkative, but filled with teaching, he can explain complex concepts with a fascinating ease. In addition, it has an extraordinary memory! Recently, Mathieu decided to take care of her blog and publication frequency at this time is literally crazy!
  • Ref-nat-WH : Blog Christian Meline , SEO consultant but especially a unique character of its kind. The blog is known to give a headache. Indeed, the Christian articles are often “complex” and we must cling to understand what the author is trying to show or demonstrate. With a box of medicine besides all will be well. The articles are of interest to SEO and incite discussion. We remember Christian and his speech at Seo Camp Day of Nantes in 2014  : a real pleasure!
  • Creapulse : Blog Serge Esteves expert SEO and web marketing. Compared to my colleagues previously reported, I do not personally know Serge. We have already exchanged several times, I even extended an invitation to Serge for a guest, but for now, despite agreement in principle, no Serge article on the blog. I must say that time passes very quickly and we are all overbooked. His blog is very rich, with in-depth articles that out of the ordinary.
  • Htitipi  : Blog Aurelian Beirut, SEO consultant. As for Serge, I do not personally know Aurélien, but I’d love to meet him. I also love that it passes on the blog with a guest. His articles are on top each time: original, depth, didactic complex .. Aurélien does not publish often, but when you publish it, it captures the attention of the SEOsphère. It is not for nothing that it is said that the quality over quantity
  • Coffee SEO  : Blog of Virginia Cleve, Digital Strategist. Virginia is a woman whose career makes me dream, a woman I admire very much. I only saw him once, at WebCampDay Angers where I attended his lecture on Google News (very good conference for that matter). I wanted to talk to him just after his conf, but I did not dare simply. One day maybe.On his blog you can find SEO articles (news, technical), with a touch of SEO management and interviews with personalities from different worlds.

I’ll stop there for the presentation of SEO blogs, but I could add: David Carle , Ramos , Sebastien Billard , SEO muscle , Ya Graphic , Yakamama , SEO Visibility … Their articles are also of very high quality I invite you to take a look.

Remember, the other SEO blogs cited by Valerie that I agree 100%: Webrankinfo , Laurent Bourrelly , Arobasenet , Digital Watch , Incubator  ….

I think with all that, you have enough to make your sleep, increase your knowledge, what inspire you and enjoy! Good reading !

Some blogs Web Copywriting …


Other than the blog Céline Albarracin  presented by my colleague Valerie , I invite you to discover these 4 blogs I read often:

  • Cyclops-Editorial  : Blog Férréole Lespinasse , independent editorial consultant since 2009. Férréole deals on its blog content strategy. The web writing is her hobby and actually enjoy his readers through quality articles. I know Férréole personally and I can assure you that it’s a nice person, very nice. If you follow me on the blog or on social networks, you know I’m trying to organize a training Web Writing with Férréole in Nantes on November 6. The preparation of this training more approached us and we united around a project that really kept us in heart! We are preparing other surprises, stay tuned!
  • Interactive Pen : The blog of Eve Demange , specializing in web design & usability editorial writing since 2005. Eve, I met her for the first time when Seo Camp Day of Nantes and then our paths crossed again at Seo Campus Paris . I appreciate it very much and I respect her for her boundless energy and its many activities! Besides, without revealing more, know that with Eve we are working on a very important project. We hope it will be received with great pleasure and interest by you, our respective readers. On his blog Eve deals with content strategy and invites discussion through interviews with experts from different backgrounds. On the blog of Eve (pretty picture aging (#oups)), you will find articles of great quality!
  • Writing for the Web : blog Muriel Vandermeulen, specializing in marketing and content strategy. I do not know but I Muriel gives him the invitation to come as a guest and cook up a nice article.Muriel The blog is a collaborative blog, several authors participate in it alive. The articles are quality and addressed themes go beyond the web editors: this is also known UX, UI, social media, branding and online reputation. To be continued !
  • Yellowdolphins : The blog of Isabelle Canivet . This is the old 60canards. Isabelle is a consultant in strategy content and author of While writing for the web  ! I’ve never met Isabelle, but we exchanged several times by email. A trusting and supportive relationship is created between us. This is my spiritual mom even if she does not know it yet.I greatly admire Isabelle for his career, his courage and tenacity to fulfill his dreams and bigger projects! On the blog, accompanied by her husband Jean-Marc Hardy, Isabelle proposes rich and interesting!

Webmarketing few blogs and more …


Valerie in her article had appointed Web marketing & com . I just add 6 more.

  • Polynet : the blog of Benjamin Descamps , web marketing manager in a communication agency in Lille. On the blog, Benjamin discusses three main topics: SEO, e-commerce and social media. From time to time, Benjamin published interviews with professionals in these 3 themes treated on the blog: a treat!
  • Web marketing trends : The blog of Christophe Vieira , web marketing consultant. Christophe deals on the blog topics related to web marketing: SEO, web analytics, social media and web technologies .. Good articles on the blog, so feel free to go digging!
  • Web marketing-Board : blog Rudy Viard, web marketing consultant. On the blog, Rudy deals with web marketing strategy, SEO, social media, blogging. Good tips, good advice, I’m sure that among all articles you find the one you need to meet your need.
  • Squid-impact : the blog Stéphane Torregrosa , web marketing consultant. On the blog, Stéphane handles web marketing in general, inbound marketing, SEO and communication. A rich blog with quality articles.
  • Storytelling : The blog of  Lionel Clément , storyteller and expert in web marketing. On the blog, Lionel deals with a subject quite in vogue, that I like: the storytelling . Lionel tips are invaluable if you want to deepen the subject of storytelling, the blog must be followed.
  • Remarkable : The blog of Jerome D. Simon . Blog author discusses topics related to web marketing: SEO, Adwords, social media, blogging … but the specialty is the inbound marketing. If you want to know what this refers concept and how to apply for profit, I invite you to discover the blog and its resources.

Here is my short list. I have not finished, I still have a dozen quality blogs that come to mind, but I had to make the first choice. It is possible for me to give you the second part if you are interested. Meanwhile, I wish you good discovery!

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