Today, the web is written by all users. People write and communicate more on the web thanks to the emergence of social networks. They talk
about you, your brand or your products …  If you want to manage your presence, you’ll have to use the social networking space.

We need to provide a place where people can talk and even complain, knowing that they are directed to the right person! Indeed, your web presence is not characterized only buy what you say of you, but especially by what others say about you. Here’s why you need to be present on social networks.


To find out what other people say about you

As explained in the introduction, most of the time, it is others who will talk to you. Even without trying to bring you harm, people exchange among themselves about their experiences, their feelings. People search, in fact, more and more reviews, and return to use before making a purchase. If you are not present on the network, you will not hear what is said of you. Or you’ll hear far too late.

This is why you need to be there and keep an eye on what is happening on social networks. Your presence will allow, to some extent, control it and minimize the negative content about you.

To share with your customers

Through its presence on social networks, you will be in direct contact with your customers . This will reap valuable information on the vision of your company to others. Are they satisfied with our products, our services? Of course, when you read these reviews, you will definitely want to answer. This is where comes in the aspect of trade and communication.

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Social networks are the keys that will allow you to enter the communities to create the conversation and to be able to interact with your customers. You are present to your customers and you are able to answer all their questions. In the case of a negative review, you’ll be more reactive and this will allow you to manage your communication crises quickly and calmly.

You can also spread the important news of your company, relay promotions, share images or videos in conjunction with your business, etc. The aim is above all to humanize the relationship between the company and customers. And at the same time, your brand can only be improved.

To gain visibility

Being present on the networks will allow you to market your offers and products to the greatest number. You enter and influence of communities where people give their opinions, give advice, etc. When a person interacts with you, it will be visible to his knowledge, and so on. It will also share its side with its community. With this purpose “snowball”, called viral marketing on the web, these opinions will be well seen by more and more people. That’s how you earn little by little visibility.

At the same time, more visible you are, the less you leave to chance your competitors to become one.  If you are not on social networks, you leave more room for others … So take this up and YOURSELF to know you. More visible you are, the less your competitors are!

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To find new clients

Again, thanks to the virality of your publications, you will touch people who, at first, were not yet part of your community. People search, in fact, more and more reviews, and return to use before making a purchase. Being on the networks will allow you to be present in the research of opinions and thus, conquer new targets.

Also, users spend more and more time online. So by being present on the network, you can reach your potential targets more easily. It is undeniable, being missing on the networks will make you miss out on some customers.

So be there!Find New Customers

To optimize your SEO

It is difficult to find official information about it, but we must not overlook the impact of social networks on your SEO . We talked earlier, on social networks, people post reviews, comments, etc. This creates a number of links that point to your site and generate qualified traffic. Being active on social networks, share interesting content for your community and be shared in any case returns a positive image of your site. So it’s only positive for your site and your SEO.

Moreover, the fact of creating your profiles on different social networks occupy a certain place in the search results pages. You avoid leaving room for the negative or competitive content.

And after ?

To take a step further, you need to opt for a strategy of Community Management. This will allow you to best optimize the management of your presence and your reputation on social networks. You have to be present but not anyhow!

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