Xbox 720Xbox 720 is the name given to an upcoming video game console in the market which is also the successor of Xbox 360. This particular variety of video game console is also named as Xbox One. This is an exclusive variety of gaming console can compete really well with the leading gaming console named as Play station 4. This particular gaming console is not just a device to play games; rather it has a wonderful facility of other entertainments. Thus, many game manufacturers have named the device as all in one entertainment system. It is also going to be the competitors to other types of home media devices that are available in the market.

Release date

Everybody is waiting to know about the release date of Xbox 720 in the market. The schedule release date of the gaming console is in November 2013.  Previously Microsoft has announced that, the release will take place on Mat 21st, 2013. Thus, people are quite eager to get it in the market after November 2013.You can read and keep your eyes in various press releases about the gadgets. But till date, even the manufacturers are slicked to the second release date of the gaming console.


According to the product review of Xbox 720, you can also get variety of unveiling facts of the particular device. Here you can get information about the consoles, starting from its launch to its specifications. You must also have heard about variety of rumors about this exclusive faming console in the market. You must have count down in your mind to purchase the device. If you can visit Google news, you will definitely get information about its date of release. You must look at the detail specification of the play station till the time you don’t get it in the market.


When you are going to buy a play station from the market, two important features should be kept in mind. Processor and graphics are two important factors which need to be associated with the particular gaming console you are going to get from the market. Xbox One is featured with AMD graphics hardware as well as AMD CPU. There are many advanced technology used in making this particular device that would result in making the system faster than what is expected. The graphics power of the gaming console is also very attractive as explained by the software engineer in a press release.


Xbox 720 has replaced one of the best gaming consoles, Xbox 360. The controllers of Xbox One are better than the predecessor. The game manufacturer has provided a wonderful improvement with the new pad. Vibration feedback can be another important specification in this regard. This helps in getting immediate feedback of the action within the finger tips of the user.


Microsoft has not yet announced the price of the Xbox 720. This is going to be announced with the launch of particular device in the market. According to the rumors, Xbox One will be shipped in $250. With taxes and other charges, it can go up to $400.

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