XNSPY Iphone Spy App

There are different softwares that are available for monitoring content for the desktops but this particular iPhone spy app is designed for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads because, it’s not just your office desktops that require protection from data breach but also the smartphones and tablets that are provided by your company to the employees.

There are different ways employees can get their hands onto your company’s corporate information and smartphones play a major role in achieving that. It’s because employees can’t only share emails but also photos and videos with their smartphones. And there is no way you can ever know about that, unless you have something that can look into their devices.


Even if your employees intend no harm to your company, still, they are carrying your company’s information in the form of emails, photos and text conversations. Imagine one of your employees losing their phone, leaving important company information with others.

Well, the aforementioned are some of the problems that were taken into consideration while translating XNSPY into a consumer-end product. With this smartphone monitoring app, you can remotely control target devices, as many as you want, through an online control panel. The app needs to be installed manually onto a phone unless you are using the NoJailbreak version of XNSPY.

So basically the app comes in Jail-break and NoJailbreak version. There is basic and a premium edition for the former whilethe latter comes in as a standard edition. People can choose a yearly, quarterly or a monthly subscription, depending on their use. Coming onto the distinction between the two editions of XNSPY, I found that the Jailbreak version is much stronger and well equipped with features compared to its NoJailbreak counterpart. Let’s take a separate look at the both versions.

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NoJailbreak Edition

Pros: it works without the need to Jailbreak the target device, offers basic features likemonitoringcalls, SMS, emails, internet browsing, contacts, WhatsApp chats and calendar entries.

Only requires Apple credentials to monitor the iOS device.

Cons: Features are limited as compared to NoJailbreak version.

Jailbreak Edition

Pros: Provides amazing features like GPS tracking of the target device including Geo-fencing. There are other monitoring features offered like:

  • XNSPY Remote Control that can lock the device or wipe data over it.
  • Watchlist alerts for specific words, contacts and locations.
  • Tracking chats and multimedia from IM apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype and iMessage.

Cons: requires jailbreak which can be difficult when it comes to monitoring hundreds of employees.

Well I believe it’s definitely something different in the employee monitoring spectrum. It’s a relief for managers as they will not have to actively watch their employees due to this iPhone spy app.

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